- Helicopters Vision -

Helimission's aim is to bring social, medical, and spiritual help to people in remote and inaccessible areas. Helimission is non-denominational and helps those in need without consideration of their religious affiliation.

Because of Papua's mountainous terrain, many villages are not accessible by road or aeroplane. To reach these communities you would need to hike several days through dense jungle. Our Helimission helicopters makes it possible to safely reach these places in a matter of minutes!

ur team of pilots and mechanics provide flights for:


Pioneer Missionaries teaching the Bible from Genesis through the Resurrection to tribes in their own languages for the very first time.


        Bible Translators making it possible for believers to read God's word in their own language. 
        Local Pastors and Evangelists to witness to and disciple tribal communities. 
        Medical evacuations of sick and injured people.
        Peacemakers to meet with warring tribes.
        Government officials to assess and provide aid to villages wherenatural disasters have occurred.
        Medical professionals who care for patients in their own villages, as well as provide vaccines and health education.

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