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While serving with Helimission, we don't receive a salary.  We have to raise our own support through friends and partners.

If you would like to be a part of our support team you can join below, or drop us an email.

USA Supporters:

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer): Helimission is now offering EFT service for US supporters. This optional service allows you to authorize Helimission to automatically deduct your monthly gifts from your checking or savings account. Click here to download the form: Helimission USA Giving Form

Checks: Checks should be made out to "Helimission" and include a note "for Ben and Anisha Hopkinson" (leave memo section blank). Mail to: Helimission, PO Box 538, Lima, NY 14485

PayPal :

https://paypal.me/AnishaHopkinson?locale.x=en_UShttps://paypal.me/AnishaHopkinson?locale.x=en_UShttps://paypal.me/AnishaHopkinson?locale.x=en_UShttps://paypal.me/AnishaHopkinson?locale.x=en_UShttps://paypal.me/AnishaHopkinson?locale.x=en_USIt is also possible to give directly to us through PayPal USA.

UK Supporters:

Through our page on Stewardship.org.uk it is possible to give using Direct debit, Credit or Debit card. 
Ben and Anisha's page on stewardship.org.uk

You can also sign up for a Stewardship giving account, and be able to or use your account to fund a gift direct from your bank account.

 You may also participate in the Gift Aid scheme which allows Stewardship to reclaim tax on the gifted amount and increases your donation by 25%.


 PayPal :
 It is also possible to give directly to us through PayPal UK

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