Friday, March 16, 2007

Vacation Miles

I don't like to exercise. At least I admit it. And neither do I like to
eat right, shave my legs or blow dry my hair. But I must because the
alternative would mean to become strikingly similar in appearance to a
very hairy fat man. That just isn't an option - especially if you ask my

So I start a program, make a plan, set a goal, start slowly and progress
evenly, but ultimately quit after a couple of weeks or months.
Motivation wanes and soon I have tumbled off the bandwagon and back onto
the couch. Why does it have to be this way? A few months of little or no
motion is enough to push me to exercise again, but with such a pitiful
history I don't hold much hope that the change will last long.

Monday I felt fat and sluggish again. Not good. So, in an effort to at
least /try /to kindle the small and fragile flame of motivation I have
set a rather interesting goal. Normally the goal is a result like lose 5
lbs, be skinny before seeing the family again or enter a 5k run. But
since those goals have been tried, tested and failed on more than one
occasion, something completely different is in order. And strangely, I
am excited about it.

Together with Ben, I set a goal to log 50 miles of running time. Once
completed we will have a reward weekend at a Bed and Breakfast in St
Augustine, FL. If you know anything about the Bed and Breakfasts or St
Augustine you know this is a very worth while goal! A weekend of cobbled
streets, tiny cafes, loads of history and architecture is certainly
enough to get me out of bed and onto the road. The promise of a Bed and
Breakfast with feather mattresses, private balconies and garden
breakfasts is down right exciting.

Today I logged mile number 2 and wished with all my might I was fit
enough to run more than 1 mile at a time. I pace myself because getting
hurt would push back our mini vacation by at least one week if not more
and I know that by taking it easy I will soon enough I will be able to
run 3 miles again.

Of course there is no guarantee I will actually make it to this goal,
but so far I am at least excited about it and dreaming of my weekend away.


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