Monday, December 03, 2012

All Sides

The last few months have been quite an adventure. We were matched for adoption with a beautiful little boy named Isaiah, completed the visitation process, and three weeks ago moved Isaiah home. The whole story is rather incredible so if you haven't heard it already I've posted it here.

Recently I recounted the story of our match with Isaiah to a social worker and her words have really stuck with me over the last few weeks. She said, "Just remember Anisha, it doesn't always turn out like this. For many people there's a lot of heartache."

I understand exactly what she means. I personally know of four families who had placements break down and two of those families already had the child/children moved in with them. So while we are excited by and in awe of our own adoption story, we are also humbled by it.

Many people who meet Isaiah quickly express an interest in adoption. I think it's great and wish more people would open their hearts and homes to children. I am just aware that with all of the "your story is so inspiring!" and dreamy eyed looks people give that there is no real understanding of what adoption means.

In February our church will hold the third annual orphan care event. I am so excited to be a part of the planning! If you're one of those people who are interested in adoption or in learning other ways you can care for these children I'd love for you to come. I'll post more information once the details are nailed down. And if you don't want to wait until February I'd be happy to have coffee with you and we can talk about all sides - Adoption beautiful, adoption messy, adoption real.

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Matthias und Lisa G said...

we just wanted to let you know, we are very excited for you as new parents. We are thinking of you.


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