Saturday, August 03, 2013

Ready, Set, Move!

July 2013

Tomorrow we say goodbye to our home of 8 years and drive up to New York for one semester of bible college. While the preparations have at times seemed overwhelming we've been blessed by many the many individuals who stop in to collect items for giving away, clean, box, organize, and even provide dinner so we don't have to cook! Getting everything ready for shipping and moving in only one week was a huge task and we could not have done it but for the help of wonderful friends!

Here's a couple pictures of Ben and our friend Cliff sending off the shipment. Ben's tools, my keyboard, and 9 boxes of office/household items. Next time we see this pallet it will be in Indonesia!

Crosswalk Sendoff

Last Sunday was our last for a long while at our church here in Titusville. We were prayed over by the elders and enjoyed a farewell potluck after the service. We were touched by the words of encouragement and gifts we received. Thank you, Crosswalk, for your faithfulness to us. Thank you for believing in God's call for our lives! We are so blessed to have you all.

Summer Spectacular

In the midst of all the craziness of our life right now, what's one more thing? We decided to take a week to join our church volunteering at the Friend's of Refugees Summer Spectacular camp in Clarkston, Georgia. The camp provides a safe and fun environment for about 100 elementary and middle school children most of whom are from refugee families settled in Clarkston. This was our third year to go up and work at the camp, but the first with Isaiah! We spent the week with the middle school campers doing scavenger hunts, playing games, roller skating, and a block party at one of the local apartment complexes. Isaiah was of course very much loved by all the kids and did wonderfully. We were so glad to be able to spend time at the camp one last time!


We'll keep you updated as things progress. Thank you for all your prayers and support, we really appreciate it!

Ben, Anisha & Isaiah

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