Sunday, July 11, 2021

Returning home

Wamena, Papua, Indonesia

Returning home

July 2021

Hello from Papua!

After getting new passports and waiting on visa applications to be approved, we were finally able to make it back to Indonesia.  We were excited to be on our way back home.  It has been a long time away with covid lockdowns between Texas and the UK, and baby Rebecca coming along.
On our way to Jakarta, Indonesia.
Keeping ourselves amused during our 5 day quarantine.
Arrival and pre-release Covid PCR tests.
Finally released to continue our flights to Papua.

COVID in our family

After a week of quarantine and negative PCR tests in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, we flew to Papua on Friday 2nd July. We were thrilled to be back on the island and planned to spend the next few days in the coastal city of Sentani to complete immigration paperwork and do some supply shopping before taking the last short flight in to Wamena.
Unfortunately, all our plans would change on Monday morning when Isaiah woke with a fever and cough. We immediately went for antigen testing. Ben, Cara, and I tested negative, but our suspicions were firmed further with Isaiah testing positive. We began to inform all those we’d had contact with and Ben took Isaiah for a PCR to confirm. As expected, Isaiah had covid.
Thankfully by day three Isaiah was mostly himself again. Symptoms have since then been making their way through the rest of us.
After a couple days of freedom from quarantine, we find ourselves now isolating with covid. Not exactly the start in Papua we imagined! But here we are. I had to laugh when Ben said, “Usually we at least make it home before everything falls apart.” It is so very true. There is always SOMETHING that goes wrong!

COVID in Indonesia

Things are changing fast here in Indonesia as the delta variant sweeps across the country. Flight restrictions and lockdowns are in place in many heavily hit cities. Wamena airport will close on the 12th July for two weeks. As we won’t get out of isolation until at least the 16th, we will have to stay here in Sentani until the airport opens again. As I told a friend, I will never again complain about the normal 36hrs of travel it takes to reach Wamena. With travel, quarantine, covid isolation, and lockdowns it’s looking like this UK to Wamena trip will take an entire month!  

Signal prayer group

We have moved our prayer updates group over to the the Signal messaging app after some privacy concerns with Whatsapp.  If you'd like to be a part of the new prayer group please click the link below:
Signal prayer group

Thank you for your prayer and financial support

We really appreciate your encouragement, prayers, and financial support over the years! We are thankful to be in Papua, and looking forward to getting back to Wamena and the work we care so much about.

Lots of love from our family to yours,

Ben, Anisha, Isaiah, Cara, and Rebecca


A big thanks to all who have faithfully supported us over the last 7 years.  It's crazy to think its already been that long. 

We quite literally couldn't be doing this without the team of people who financially support us. 

If you would like to join the team and be a part of this mission, we'd love for you to consider joining us as a monthly sponsor.

For information on how to give, click here:

- The pandemic would end.

- Our team mates currently in Wamena. They have been running the base alone for some months.

-Our family's adjustment back to life in Wamena.

-Ben's new role as Base Manager (this is in addition to his position as Chief Pilot).



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