Friday, September 24, 2004

Mission accomplished!!!

My visa was approved on the 24th!
We left the house at 6am and traveled into London for my medical which was at 8am.
The medical was fine. Had quite a lot of waiting though. I had a blood test and then a chest x-ray, and then a medical. Which was exactly the same as a standard medical. I now have my x-ray which I have to take with me in my hand luggage to show as part of my visa! The medical was over at 10:30am.
We then made our way to the embassy and got a ticket number there were 6 people in front me. When it was my turn we went to a window and handed in our folders worth of documentation. We then had to sit down and wait for our number to be called. About 30mins of horrible feeling sick with nervousness, we got called up.
As I approached the window I recognized the lady from my fist visa meeting when I applied for the J1 visa. She was the one who denied me! I started to panic, but then thought its been 6 months! She's seen thousands of people since then. After our initial fears the interview went very well, she was really nice to us and approved our visa. The only downer is that I may be drafted in to the US army...!

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