Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Driving test Complete!

I have taken my driving test today to obtain a Florida license. It was interesting... They don't take you out on the roads they have their own little test circuit your drive around at about 10mph!?! My first task was to park in a parking space. Which is fine except we have a big Ford truck that is wide and quite high up (for UK). The parking space would comfortably fit a motorcycle not a car nevemind a truck. I told the examiner that this would be interesting, she agreed... I just made it in the space with 1 inch on the drivers side and about 6 inches on the other. It was close...
Luckily I did everything ok and she passed me which was nice, I mean I've been driving for 8 years what could I do wrong? I saw quite a few 16 year olds getting failed and walking off in a huff. :s
One more thing: You are driving at night and have your brights on, you see a car on your side of the road (traveling the same way) at how many feet do you turn of your brights?
My answer would have been straight away, but I was given choices in feet... does 300ft ring a bell? Nope me neither... oh well.

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