Tuesday, March 29, 2005

First Solo Cross country

This is where things get really interesting.
I had to leave airspace i'm familiar with and on my own. I have to say on the way to my destination(kism) I was nervous. I almost was hit by a bald eagle!!! Those things are big! The wildlife seamed to be attracted to my helicopter as I had a few close encounters. I landed the aircraft ok and then had to do a funny take off to avoid the active runway which was full of normal airplanes landing...
I had to take off on half the runway and then do a hard left turn (helicopters still need some space to takeoff, none of this straight up and down stuff, that's dangerous). The way back was nice flying under bravo airspace which had the big jets coming in for Orlando international airport.
It felt good touching down at home base and feeling accomplished. I am flying again tonight up to Daytona so need to eat lunch and have a nap before planning my next flight! This is where the flying becomes more fun as you get used to it so are then able to enjoy it more.

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