Thursday, May 12, 2005

Private Pilot

I am now a private pilot in the helicopter!!!!
I have just passed my checkride this evening. It was possibly my worst flight ever but I still managed to pull it off.
I was so stressed it was unreal. I only just made it on my sloped landings as I kept trying to bring the helicopter down but couldn't do it right. In the end I had to have a very deep breath and instead of looking just outside the aircraft but looked straight ahead and I had much clearer/better vision. I was then able to complete the maneuver safely and to standard! Hurray!
I was glad it was over.
So once I have 15 more hours(school policy requires extra hours) I am able to take Anisha up for a ride :) if she will come...!?!

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Anonymous said...

Well Done
Go for it
Dominic Shiells