Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I am alone in the apartment trying to kill time before work this afternoon. If I had a little extra cash I would be shopping, but that it out of the question. I very nearly went out the door credit card in hand, but thankfully gave in and did my quiet time instead. The time with HS pretty much killed any desire to be irresponsible and spend lots of money we don’t have…ugh.

The bunnies are running around the living room and jumping all over a couple of thrift shop bound bags of clothes. Roast was chewing the plastic and now, after several attempts to stop him, I have decided he probably isn’t really ingesting much of it anyway – lots of holes and stretch marks in the bag now. Is this what it is like having a two year old?

Speaking of babies, seems like everyone around me is having one. Couple of months ago Mandy had her second child and Sarah had her first, couple of days ago Candice had her first, Katie is preggers with her second and Ben’s cousin Laura with her third! Yesterday Ben and I were talking about it, is this what people do when they get to be mid-twenties and are we weird for not joining in? Funny thing is that when we were first married I was much more comfortable with the idea, get married and have kids - that’s the way it goes right? Well, now that we are six months from our fourth wedding anniversary I am more scared than ever about having children! I can hardly handle some plastic bag chewing bunnies!.

---It is now an hour since I wrote the above. Boy do I ramble.. Just got back from Scott and Chris’s house. Scott cut the legs of a table for me and transformed it into a coffee table. I cut us the bunny cage and placed it inside the coffee table. It frees up quite an bit of room and will be nice to have a cage that also works as a table. I’ll take pics of it so you can see. The wood table top currently just sits, it is not screwed to the legs in any way, maybe I can put it on a hinge? That way it would open like a trunk…we shall see. Hope Ben approves, but then again if he doesn’t it’s to late anyhow, the old cage is in pieces. Oh, for the record, Ben is aware of the coffee table cage plan, he just isn’t here to see it executed.

Better be off now, need to put the clothes in the drier.


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