Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ben’s Big News!!

If you’ve been following our progress for any length of time you’ll know that for six years now we’ve been in a continuous state of not knowing what we are doing.  You’ll also know how faithful God has been to us at every turn.  One of my favorite bible verses is Proverbs 16:9 The mind of a man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps. This is certainly true for Ben and I! We see and plan for the big picture of missions clearly, but every step of the way has been veiled. 

At the end of June Ben flew out to California to a pilot safety course and once it was finished I flew out to meet him so we could have a week holiday to visit with far away friends and see some mountains. On the first day of our vacation Ben got a call from the Chief Flight Instructor at Bristow Academy offering him a job as a flight instructor! Keep in mind that Ben had applied for this job and already been turned down a couple months ago. So needless to say we couldn’t believe it! Working as a flight instructor is a tremendous blessing as it will enable Ben to log about 60 flight hours every month!

We returned from vacation late Sunday night and Ben was at Bristow to meet with HR at 9am Monday morning getting the paper work started. Right now he is still going through the new hire process and will have some standardization flights and a part 141 checkout to complete before actually being assigned students to fly with.  

So now you’re probably wondering about all that was planned with Samaritan Air. Before taking the job Ben called and let them know about the offer. It was with Samaritan Air’s blessing that the job at Bristow was taken. Although we won’t be involved with Samaritan Air on a fulltime basis we will remain connected and still hope to get to Haiti in the future. 

To finish off here’s our prayer list and a few photos from our vacation! :)

Job at Bristow Pray that as much of the in processing stuff as possible can be taken care of asap. We are leaving for the mission trip to Friends of Refugees in Georgia on Sunday and so are very pressed for time. Pray that the standardization flights and 141checkout will all go smoothly (these will be scheduled for after we return from Georgia). That Ben would find his feet quickly and settle in at the Academy.

Friends of Refugees We are still preparing lesson plans and getting the details nailed down for the trip. Please pray for the team and all the work still to be completed. We leave early morning on Sunday.

Adoption That the home study can be completed in August as projected. For our hearts and the hearts of the child or children we adopt.

Samaritan Air Pray for the funds needed to complete the work on the helicopter being refurbished for Haiti. Rest, endurance, safety, and funds/supplies for the Parker family and all involved in Samaritan Air’s work. 


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