Monday, November 28, 2011

Orphan Care Sunday

Thank you for praying with us and supporting the planning for Orphan Care Sunday at Crosswalk Community Church. Thank you also to those who attended! It was a great day and I am so excited to see how God is drawing others into this journey. Not necessarily to foster or adopt, but to pray and support in tangible ways. 

Before the service started each family was handed a profile card with a picture and brief bio of a local Brevard County child or teen in need of an adoptive family. The families were asked to keep and pray for the child or teen on their card. Having experienced the power of prayer in my own life I was particularly excited to see these cards in the hands of our congregation.   

The service started with local adoptive momma Meredith Cornish sharing their family’s story. The Cornish family has opened their home to adopt children with disabilities from both abroad as well as the US.  They are truly an amazing example of God’s heart and love. I taught Sunday School that morning and so didn’t hear the sermon. Although Ben did tell me the pastor preaching that morning asked the congregation how many children they thought were available for adoption in our county. The guesses ranged from a hundred to two thousand children. All were surprised to hear that at this present moment there are twelve. Twelve children who need families, that’s all. Our small church on our own could knock that number out and we wouldn’t have any children waiting for families in Brevard. I heard from several people afterwards that this really hit home for them.    

Following the service there was a panel and Q&A session. Ben and I were on the panel along with our case worker Dawn, a foster care alumni, and several adoptive families.  I was both encouraged and humbled to hear from other families who had brought home children. The overall message from these families was that none of this is easy and it is fraught with heartache, but being family to these children is right and good and they wouldn’t go back on the decision even if they could. 

Most encouraging are the words I’ve heard from those who attended. Not much was said on the day other than, “Thank you” and “We enjoyed being here” but seeds were planted and for some we saw them spring to life. Praise God for…

The family who were so compelled by the picture and brief bio of a local teenage girl in need of a family they decided to start the adoption process. God had already been speaking to their hearts and this picture was the confirmation they needed to move forward.

The teenage girl and her family who are looking for ways to volunteer at a children’s home or another shelter environment on Christmas.

The couple who were thankful to gain a glimpse into a world they didn’t know much about and committed to walk along side and love us as we bring children home.

Parents who soaked up all that was said and are eager to know what their part in all of this is. And their little girl who walks the family to the kitchen to pray for the profile cards of local children they have hanging on their refrigerator.

The prayer group who prayed over the profile cards during their meeting. 

The middle school girl who is talking to her parents about opening their home to people in need. 

There are many more stories both beginning and unfolding. Thank you to all who contributed advice, prayer, food, and service to bring the day together. My friend Katie, our fearless leader in the orphan care charge (although she would never admit it), I am especially thankful for. It was her family’s journey to bring their son home a year ago that ignited the flame within many hearts. It is amazing what God can do with one family’s story.  

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What a wonderful report. Love Dad.