Monday, March 11, 2013

More Big News!

I know, a lot has happened in the Hopkinson household over the last few months. We were matched with, moved home, and formally adopted our son Isaiah. That news alone was huge. Today we received the new birth certificate with me listed as the Mother and Ben as the father. It's all official now - we have a son! 

Right on the heels of Isaiah's adoption comes more big news for our family. We received an invitation to join the Helimission team in Papua, Indonesia. Yep, that's right, we're finally going!

Ben will work as a base pilot and mechanic and I will be mommy and help with base admin projects and hospitality. Wamena, where we’ll live, is a town of about 10,000 people. From there the helicopter provides air support to the people living in small villages throughout the mountains.

We won’t be jumping on a plane tomorrow. There is a lot to take care of between now and actually arriving in Wamena. Here's the timeline:

July 2013: Ben flies to Arizona for a checkout flight with a pilot from New Tribes Mission
August 2013: Fall semester at Elim Bible Institute in Lima, NY
Beginning 2014: Language school in Salatiga, Indonesia
Beginning 2015: Arrive at field assignment in Wamena, Papua, Indonesia

And because pictures say more than I would ever write, here are some photos of Papua from the Helimission website:



Matthias und Lisa G said...

we are so excited to read the news. Welcome to the Helimission-Team

Unknown said...

Great news Ben and Anisha!. God bless all three of you.