Sunday, August 18, 2013

Elim Bible Institute:

Classes and a Photo Tour

August 2013

After one week on the road, 1327 miles, a few scenic detours, and 28 actual driving hours, we arrived at our new home on the Elim campus.( With classes starting in a week we spend our time settling in and enjoying a break from the usual manic pace of life. We are quite excited about our classes, seeing this as an opportunity to build ourselves up spiritually, mentally, and in family unity before we head to Indonesia. Here are the classes we will take:

Ben: Foundations for Life, History of the Christian Church, Cultures and Customs, Public Speaking/Preaching, and Missionary Life
Anisha: Cultures and Customs, Acts and Paul's Letters, Missionary Life, and Intermediate Piano

And what will Isaiah do? There seem to be plenty of families attending and we look forward to many play dates with new friends. Anisha will also look for a Mom and Tots group to join. Isaiah will not attend day care as we only have a few hours each week when we will both be in classes at the same time and we'll have a baby sitter for those times.

Elim is lovely and rather than a wordy description of the campus we thought you'd enjoy a photo tour. Having arrived early the campus is a bit quiet at the moment, but will start filling up with students this week.

We'll keep you updated as things progress. Thank you for all your prayers and support, we really appreciate it!

Ben, Anisha & Isaiah

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