Thursday, March 06, 2014

A New Adventure Begins

March 2013

London to Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta to Sentani. Tomorrow afternoon we start the 55hour journey to Papua where we will begin learning the language and culture of our new home.

Nearly 10 years ago we arrived in Florida with the crazy dream that one day we would serve in missionary aviation. Today, as we finish packing and ready ourselves for departure we are profoundly grateful to all who have cheered us on, prayed, and given financially to make this journey possible. We are well aware that going is a privilege, one we would not have without the support of so many.

On arrival in Sentani there will be paperwork to complete, jet lag to conquer, luggage to empty, and a new town to find our way around. Language and culture study begins on March 17 with morning tutoring and afternoon homework/practice. We hope to grasp the language well enough that in 8 or so months we can move to Wamena, where Ben will serve as a pilot/mechanic.


Returning to Service in Madagascar

Recently we spent a week at the Helimission HQ in Trogen, Switzerland. While there, Ben put his mechanicing skills to work and together with three others disassembled and loaded a helicopter returning to service in Madagascar. Ben created a time lapse video of the work. Once in Madagascar this helicopter will be used for medical evacuations, missionary transportation, and more. We were quite excited to be a part of sending off this "Angel of the Air". Click below to watch:


Stories from the Field

Thank you for your interest in receiving our e-mail newsletters. There are a couple of other ways to hear about Helimission and our work in Papua. First, Helimission sends a quarterly newsletter by mail with stories from pilots and mechanics serving at each location. If you don't already receive this but would like to please e-mail us your mailing address. Also, we will share more stories of our personal experiences in Papua on our blogs and Facebook. Links to the blogs are in the sidebar and please find us on Facebook too!

Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and support. We couldn't do this without you!


Ben, Anisha & Isaiah

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