Monday, June 29, 2020

Keeping in touch, Furlough plans/Corona virus, Wamena riots, Local Indonesian pilots, A surprise

Wamena, Papua, Indonesia

Keeping in touch

June 2020

Hello! Sorry it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us via a newsletter. We are admittedly pretty awful at keeping in touch this way, however if you want more than the occasional “we’re still alive!” newsletter here are two options:

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Just before we went on furlough, I(Ben) was able to take Isaiah with me on a medevac picking up two patients. After we dropped off the patients at the hospital Cara joined us on her very first helicopter ride back to the hanger.

Furlough plans/Corona virus

We left Indonesia on March 6th for furlough, just as the transit countries around us began closing to international flights. For the last 3 months, we have been under various levels of stay home orders at my (Anisha’s) parents’ house in Texas. While we are very glad to be safe and have a comfortable place to stay, we are of course disappointed over cancelled plans. We were still hoping to travel to our sending church in Florida and also to the UK, but at this time travel and meeting with friends/family is either severely limited or impossible. So we sit and wait, praying for an end to this pandemic.
As for Wamena, the town has had seventeen confirmed cases of the covid-19 virus so far, infections are increasing as time goes on. While it is not surprising that the virus made it into our mountain town, it is devastating. As challenging as social distancing is to achieve in the Western world, it is almost impossible for places like Papua where community living is the basis of the culture. As a response, Papua cities have issued curfews and Indonesia as a whole is shut down to all international and domestic air and sea travel until the earliest June 19th.

Wamena riots

Thinking back over 2019, one major event jumps to the forefront. On September 23rd, our town erupted in riots. Motivated by racial tension, hundreds of shops and vehicles where burned, including the Mayor’s office and many government buildings. Isaiah and I(Anisha) saw the rioters running down the street just before police began shooting and the violence began. Ben immediately left the office and picked Cara up from school, hiding in the classroom with her until it was safe to leave. Throughout that day, we listened from home as gunfire resounded around town with the occasional boom of buildings exploding into flames. Two days later we were able to evacuate out to the coastal town where we waited until it was judged safe to return. The riots left a devastating scar of destruction and death across our town and although rebuilding has begun, there remains the deeper work of healing and rebuilding hurting people.
Smoke rising from burning buildings behind our home.

Local Indonesian pilots

A highlight this year has been the recruitment of our local pilots. Prior to leaving for furlough, Ben spent several weeks training two Indonesian pilots who have joined our team. Getting to this point took a massive amount of work in securing funding to send them for training, as well as approval to provide further type specific training in house on our aircraft. It is exciting to see Indonesians passionate about reaching people in their own country and making big sacrifices to do so. Having local pilots means that if one day Indonesia decides not to renew visas for expat pilots, our work can continue.

A Surprise

2020 just got a bit crazier for us as we recently found out that I(Anisha) am pregnant! Yes, that’s right, after twelve years of unexplained infertility and the honest feeling that birthing children in our family wasn’t meant to be, heaven decided to surprise us. The ultrasound shows a healthy wiggly little person with a strong heartbeat. Hilariously, although this is our third child, it will be our first infant. Baby is due November 28th.
Thanks so much for supporting and praying for us. It really means a lot!

With love,

Ben, Anisha & Isaiah


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