Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Florida's Prestigious Community Colleges

Yesterday I went to register for the summer semester at Brevard Community College here in Titusville. I was very excited because the advisor had told me that 11 of my 14 credits would transfer over. Imagine my surprise when I arrive in the advisor’s office with a list of classes I would like to enrol in only to be told that I have to go back to 101. “What?” I say politely (scream impatiently in my head) “I thought my credits would transfer.” “Yes they do,” explains the very helpful advisor, “but only as electives, you will need to take the core classes again.”

    Out came the class schedule again and we drummed through, her helpfully pointing out possible classes and me trying to downplay the whole idea of having to repeat courses. When I finally emerged from the darkness that is the ‘Student Center’ I had managed to register for 3 classes totalling $678.25. $250 of which will be spent on repeating English 101! Oh well, such is life. At least I am looking forward to being in a classroom again. That said, what if we have to move again and, heaven forbid, it is out of state – will another Com College accept BCC credits? Or will I be stuck in the land of 101 classes forever more?

     The funny thing about this, and yes there is a little humour involved, that another guy had it much worse than me. Dad sent me an excerpt from a blog titled, “The Night Watch Sees All”, if I am remembering right this guy is also a former (or current?) Mercy Shipper. Anyhow, here’s what he wrote…poor bloke…


30 November 2005 7:51 PM

An Extremely Unhappy Post Wherein I May Seem To Question The Sanity Of Florida's Community College System

Number of high school AP courses I completed: Four

Years of my life spent at a well-known liberal arts college: Four and a half

Degree already completed: Bachelor of Science

Major type: Double

Number of credits amassed: One hundred and sixty (160)

Number of classes for which this local community college will grant me transfer credit: One (1)


Wait. Sorry. Sorry, let me just make sure, one more time, that I have this right. I spent eighty thousand dollars and a full one-fifth of my life earning a double-major bachelor's degree, and of those hundred and sixty credit hours I have earned through hard work, study, and an unbelievable amount of money, your community college will accept ONE CLASS???


Thank you. I just wanted to make the world aware of that.

(read blog here)http://rand-o-blog.blogspot.com/2005/11/extremely-unhappy-post-wherein-i-may.html




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