Monday, May 15, 2006

Two down Three to go!

Alrighty! I have just passed my Instrument check ride!
It wasn't perfect but not too far off ;) We flew out and did some climbs and descents and unusual attitude recoveries. After that I had to do a hold. Holds aren't the easiest thing to do.
Probably the most practiced and least used maneuver to do in instrument flight. I had trouble with these before the check ride and had to redo some lessons to improve. The examiner saw my last flights mostly consisted of holds and said I must enjoy holding. I sarcastically replied that I love it... He proceeded to give me the hold he normally saves for instrument instructors.
I managed to pull it off which surprised me! We shot the GPS 09 approach and went missed to fly the ILS (instrument landing system) approach and then missed again for the localizer approach with a failed instrument.
Then that was it! He didn't tell me until I was sat down in the briefing room that I had passed.

This has been the hardest course so far. I am so glad its over. I am looking forward to doing my commercial now. It's so much more fun looking outside the aircraft than only at the instruments.
I plan to take a small break while my friend James comes down for a visit. I'll then start on the external load course.

So... I can fly in the clouds in poor weather conditions... but now I need an instrument rated aircraft... our helicopters are only trainers...

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loftcat said...

Hi Ben, good to see you're getting those tests under your belt. Keep up the good work! Remember, if it all goes wrong you have a backup career at the 'Murderous Hole'!! hehe. Best wishes to Anisha....