Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Update

Flying Update

Ben is doing well and continues to enjoy his job as a flight instructor. He now has three students he’s teaching instrument flying to and one part time beginning student. It’s been a challenge but one Ben is certainly up for! He’s at 437 hours already! Of course the big challenge remains the 100hrs turbine time. Before he can qualify for an entry level turbine job he’ll need about 1,500hrs flight time.

I find it kind of funny that most of the teaching he’s doing is instrument. It’s a subject that seems to either be loved or hated by student pilots (mostly hated!). Ben wasn’t too partial to the course himself. Last week he also got night current and so will start to do some of his flight lessons after dark. This is important because later on down the line night hours are necessary if he wants to qualify for an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot license - essentially the highest pilot rating and many times necessary for captain positions).

Adoption Awareness Month

November is Adoption Awareness Month! If you’re reading this blog post via the Facebook link then you are already well are of this and are probably tired of my daily adoption plugs. I make no apologies and you’ll just have to put up with it for a few more weeks! :)
No, we still don’t have a home study completed because of chaos among our local child welfare agencies.  What I am excited to tell you about are all the happenings on November 13th! This is the day Crosswalk will be focusing on the issues of adoption, foster care, and orphan care. During the service will have the Cornish family tell their story (blog link below be sure to check it out. No, I’m serious – check it out!). After service we’ll have lunch and a panel/open forum Q&A. On the panel will be a few adoptive families, a representative from our local child welfare agency, an adoption lawyer, and a foster care alumni. It will be a great chance to hear from people in the trenches and get to ask lots of questions. If you’re local to the Titusville area I hope you come! You don’t have to be on the path to adoption or foster care, you just need to have a heart for children from hard places.  So do come!

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