Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Fun with the Buns.

This is my (Anisha's) first ever blog post. Ben is usually the good one who lets the world know that even though we now live in FL, we are still alive and have not yet fallen off the face of the earth.
That said, I could not think of a better reason to finally sit and write a blog than to announce (yes I know Ben has already done some announcing) the home coming of our 8 weeks and 1 day old mini rex (mix) bunnies (Chrissie I hope you are smiling when you read this).

We have been playing about with names for our two beauties, I quite like 'Roast' for our brown boy. Ben isn't so fond of that name. However, it does sound nice and I have already started manipulating it to Toasty Roasty, The Roaster, and so on. Well, in the end it will be either Roast or Stew. We shall see. Ben wants the white qirl to be named Road Runner. This is a good name because she certainly is a runner. Hilarilous to watch her zoom through the apartment kicking her back legs up and to the side in a sort of bucking bronco happy bunny fashion. Alas, Road Runner does have one draw back: we previously had a duck with the very same name who was killed by a mystery animal and now lies buried in the back yard in England.

Our first 24 hours with the buns has been fun. I woke up at 4am this morning after dreaming about bunnies. I forced myself to go back to sleep instead of sneaking into the living room to spy on the buns. Last night I was in despair over the lack of use of the litter box. I caught Roast 6 times trying to wee on the carpet. This morning I was encouraged to see they had used the litter box in the cage. When they came out for a little play, I caught Roast trying to wee 3 times and Runner once. Perhaps we are getting somewhere? Early days I guess. Runner is definitely better at it than Roast is.

The next thing to do is book a vet to get Roast and Runner neutered/spayed. So far I am really enjoying them and look forward to watching the pair grow up!

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