Thursday, March 03, 2005

Pre Solo Stage Check

I did it! Today was the day. I had my stage check today. I did everything myself with the instructor with me. I had to do the following maneuvers:
1. Preflight
2. Start-up
3. Communications
4. Airmanship/safety/Awareness/Judgement
5. Inflight Malfunctions Procedures
6. Pickups/Setdowns
7. Hovering
8. Takeoff
9. Approaches
10. Straight and level, Climbs, Descents, Turns
12. Go Around
13. Forced Landing
14. Settling with power
15. Low RPM Recovery/RPM Control
16. Hover Auto (dual)
17. Pilot Technique, Control Smoothness

I managed to do of the above ok, with the exception of my first normal approach was too shallow and then I made it too steep and had to go around for a another try.
Also on my final landing when told to change to ground frequency for the parking I hadn't put in the frequency, so the instructor had to do it.
But apart from that the flight was a success. So I should be flying solo in the airport pattern next!

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