Monday, March 07, 2005

First Solo

Horray!!! I did my first first solo today. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time I was doing my preflight and also as I flew out to the hele pads with my instructor. She said we would be doing 3 times around the pattern together and then she would get out and let me do 3. After our first lap she said ok I’m getting out! I could feel my face going white. I said to her “you told me 3 times round first!!” (My confidence wasn’t that great) But she said you can fly the aircraft fine. So she got out and that was that…. I have never felt so alone….My instructor was like my security. If I screw up she is there to help… but now I was on my own. As I was flying round I had to keep focusing my mind on what I was doing, as I kept on thinking what would happen if my engine failed! (Where would I try and land etc…)
But all went well. It felt really good while feeling scary at the same time. Can’t wait till do it again. I can’t fly solo again until next week due to the air show happening soon, but am doing my first dual cross country tomorrow…
Check out the pictures and the video I made of the flight.

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