Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pretty slow day at work. What better opportunity to write?

It is a pretty slow day at work. What better opportunity to write?

Life for us Hops has been good. Ben is doing an extension on his trial run in the maintenance shop. This is excellent news. He spends Tues-Fri working as an apprentice on helicopters and flies Sat and Mon. Sundays are spent doing churchy things and spending time together. Hopefully this gig in the maintenance shop will turn into a permanent position and help Ben get his A & P license. If it does work out we will be committed to living in Titusville for the next 2.5 years! Good thing we like it here! Also, incase you are wondering how this fits in with missions, well it is a fast track to the mission field. It would mean that instead of going to school and spending another $20,000 and 18 months on his A & P and then trying to go out and find a shop to get the necessary 3 years experience at, he can get paid to learn as an apprentice and gain the experience all at the same time. As it goes, HAI cannot be beat for all things helicopter related.

I am also thinking about going to school and at least getting my core courses done, at least get an Associates Degree. Perhaps enrolling in the winter semester if all goes well in the maintenance shop. I’ll keep you posted…

My mom and dad are coming down over the Labor Day weekend which is oh so exciting. I was wondering if they would ever be able to visit, but dad booked the tickets today so I guess they are coming! Guess we’ll have a few days of crowded apartment, but given the company we will gladly make due. Besides, Paul and Beth stayed for 2 weeks and then there were the 4 Hopkinsons last month. We’ve had good practice.

Yesterday we spent 3 hours trying to get Ben’s motorcycle working. I really felt that we were close. But it didn’t start. More fiddling required. Maybe change the plugs again. Need to get it fixed soon because gas prices are killing us…as I’m sure it is killing you as well. Would consider walking more places, butt he weather has been hot, too hot… but at least no hurricanes. We really need to hurry up and get renters and flood insurance…

I did my first evening at the junior high group at church. Felt good. I cannot believe I am saying this, but I actually really missed being around junior highers. Yeah, I know, that weird age between cute kids in elementary school and semi adult like kids in high school. Thinking back, I am glad I had people who liked being around me when I was 13… Heck I’m glad there are people who like being around me as a 24 year old.

Well, in every other way the daily grind continues. Good thing I like and enjoy my daily grind.


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