Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yes, we're still alive

We-ll he-ll-o ever-body! (read with strong southern accent, reminiscent of fat lady in floral dress standing on wooden front porch with iron ladle in hand welcoming guests for an Alabaman supper). Hm. Is living in Florida is changing into a bizarre southern woman? Agh! Hope not!

Anyhow, figured since I haven’t written in a really long time I should post a note and let yall (oops) know what we’re up to.

Tomorrow is my (Anisha) last day of Com 101 class. Have been told that if my research paper grades at least a B I will get an A in the class. I am excited about that, especially since Grandma is paying for school! Feel very confident that the paper will do well. The teacher has been hassling me all semester to enrol in Creative writing in the fall. Still haven’t decided if I will. Right now I am also taking a math prep course. I was going to start Humanities on Monday, but decided that since I am starting a new job, I best keep to one class and then possibly enrol in more come fall if I can handle it. I know for a fact that I will take the next math class in the fall because I don’t want to forget everything I’ve learnt! So that is where I am at with school.

Work. Work is good. I am moving to a different role within HAI (Ben’s heli school). In the next week or so I will start training with Nancy (co-owner) to take on some of her responsibilities. I will assisting all incoming students with housing and everything else that comes with moving to a new city. This is just my type of job. Lots of people meeting and greeting. Yeah! Plus they have been very gracious and are giving a nice pay rise. Yeah! God always amazes me. Right when we will have to start worrying about making loan repayments of school, He dumps a new higher paying job in my lap with the same company (I have always felt strongly about staying with HAI).

Ben is also well. Has been working on an external load course and comes home very sore. Also, as of today, summer has officially begun! Although I would argue that is has been here for at least the past three week. Temps are in the upper 90s in the hottest part of the day. Ben has been starting work at 6:30 am to try and avoid the hottest part of the day. I will let him write more about how he is getting on.

Come and see us if you want a Florida vacation any time soon.



Anonymous said...

Hey, not only is it the 1st day of summer, it's your parent's 26th anniversary! Now that is something worth blogging about, especially since it had a real big impact on your life.

PS: I hope your English teacher doesn’t read your blog! You might not get that A.

Beth and Paul Brind said...

Hi Guys!!

Just to let you know someone reads your web posts. We'd love to come for another florida vacation.... we must work on something

Anonymous said...


So, your name popped into my head this evening, I don't know why. It's been at least a decade since you were anywhere around. And it's been even longer since I knew you. We were once close friends, I believe you were one of my first friends. It's strange to think about it now, because we are such different people. I suppose we always were, but being young, it didn't matter so much. We both liked to play and that seemed to be enough for awhile. But not forever. Our friendship didn't end on good terms. Your name popped into my head though; I Googled it and was brought here. It was strange to read about your life, but I'm not at all surprised at the direction you chose. It seems suitable to your upbringing. I am glad to see that you are happy and healthy. I can't believe you're married, but I suppose that's just another part of growing up. I would like to thank you for the imagination/creativity that you encouraged in me. It's a large part of my profession today. It's great to see that you are following your heart as well. Neither of us were ever "normal" kids, thinking back. It's too bad that we allowed our differences to come between our friendship. Oh well, it's life, best wishes to you and yours.

a former pioneer girl

PS. Tell Dean he has good taste, Pink Floyd is insanely brilliant.