Saturday, November 04, 2006

Well folks... following on from Anisha's last blog

Well folks... following on from Anisha's last blog saying we are still alive and then not posting anything forever... oh well.
We have been busy... Anisha has been in her new job for 4 months now and is enjoying it depending on how many students she has to deal with in a day. A new school starts every month and can have up to 50 students, which she helps house, create bank accounts, buy beds get a car and basically be a mumsy to them. Luckily 50 is the extreme and normally she has about 15 or so.
I am coming back up to speed with my VFR (visual flight rules) flying. Getting my maneuvers down to acceptable standards for commercial level. I just finished my required long cross country. I am required to do 2 hours day, and also 2 hours night. My instructor and I decided to do them together in the same flight. So I flew up to Gainesville which is southwest of Jacksonville. Pretty much in the center of Florida. But on our way up to Gainesville we saw an airport which I had marked on my chart as a way point. My instructor saw a large mansion and told me to take a look. It was pretty nice. It had a large plane pulled up to the 'back door'. I recognized the house from a picture I had seen some years back. It turned out after looking it up online that its John Travoltas house. He has a large boeing 707 and a golfstream jet. Both of which he keeps pulled up to the back of his house with little carports over the cockpit so he can pop in and out with out getting wet etc... I didn't know he even lived in Florida. He flies himself every where he needs to go. So that was a cool highlight to a long trip. The flight back was fun. All we could see was the black of the ground and a slightly lighter horizon with a few lights, as we headed out to the east coast for the trip back down the beach. Swamp and forest is hard to navigate around, it's all the same. The flight was just over 4 hours in the end. Training aircraft are not designed for long trips. I had a nice sore neck and stiff right foot after.
Tomorrow I fly solo to knock out some of the other flight time required, so I will get another step towards to my commercial checkride.

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