Monday, April 30, 2007

Running Update

Today I finished up April with a total of 11.6miles. Add that to my
March total (8.5) and I am at 20.1miles. I did have two rough weeks in
the beginning of April where I only ran once each week, but other than
that I have stuck to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine. Over the past
2 weeks I have logged 1.6miles each run - with the exception of last
Friday when I couldn't even make it 3/4 of a mile before I felt like dying.

I have noticed that on the mornings I run, by the time I get to work I
am high on what I suppose are endorphins. I feel really happy and giddy
for no apparent reason. Like my head is in the clouds, even when my legs
are still shaky and tired from running.

I have lost 4lbs, but the really important bit is that my heart and
lungs have improved. I don't feel winded after half a mile and can
easily take a few flights of stairs without feeling light headed. With
both diabetes and heart disease as features of my family tree I feel
good about taking care of myself.

My only persistent downside is blisters. I switched shoes this week,
hoping a new pair would put an end to them. Oh sure, I don't have a
blister on the ball of my foot any more, but I have one on the side! Oh
well, I guess I can't win at everything.

Just 29.9 miles left to go!

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