Wednesday, May 16, 2007

mile 27

Today I logged mile 27. Just over the half way mark, still not running
the full two miles three times a week I set out to accomplish. After 10
weeks of 3 times a week, I am up to run one full mile, walk .25 mile,
run .75 mile. Why is this taking so long? Am I just getting old???
Thankfully there are only gradual inclines in Florida and no hills,
otherwise I would be dead by now.

This morning I passed a couple out speed walking, I see them all the
time, but have never spoken to them. They two are such a source of
encouragement to me. I got a chance to say a quick good morning to them
and comment on all the encouragement they get (people are always honking
and waving at them). Turns out she has lost more than 80lbs! Her husband
is so proud of her and absolutely beamed as he told me. Seeing them and
hearing a little snip of her story was certainly an encouragement to me.

Of all the days to need encouragement it was certainly today. Summer is
here and while it isn't hot out, it is so unbelievably humid. 95% this
morning! That makes even 70 degrees seem like a sauna. I learned this
morning that my upper lip sweats. So gross, I kept having to wipe my
mouth to keep the sweat out! This morning I also stepped on a nail. Went
straight through my shoe and scratched my big toe. At first I thought I
had a stone in my shoe, but when I took it off to look there was a huge
nail poking through. Thank God for thick soles! My other shoes were so
worn down that if I had stepped on a nail like this I would have ended
up in the emergency room!

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