Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Current Hopkinson Happenings February 2023


A Growing Team

The last few years have been years of goodbyes as teammates have left the field. We were so excited to just this week welcome a new family to join our team! The Wenks are now settling into Wamena and we are really looking forward to serving alongside them. Soon, a second family, the Lehmans, will also arrive. Please be praying for these families as they adjust to life in Wamena begin serving with Helimission.

Wamena Catch-Up

We returned to Wamena at the end of November, and as is pretty typical, spent the next six weeks battling through various sicknesses. We were so thankful to finally all be healthy around the beginning of January! Despite the long illnesses, there have been some definite highlights.

On the family front, the kids have loved being home again and reconnecting with friends and beloved animals. We’ve gotten back into a good home schooling routine, and continue regularly doing trash pickup along our road and neighbourhood. I (Anisha) have also been sharing the story of salvation and reminding our neighbour children of how precious they are to God using bracelets gifted to us on furlough. The kids love the bracelets and hearing/retelling the story.

At the hanger, Ben had several very special flights. Taking the Clarks, 40+ year missionaries to the Yali people, back into the village of Lolat for a final farewell. Taking both Isaiah and Cara on medical evacuation flights. And a return flight for Paul Snider, a missionary to the Korawai people, after 2+ years in the US due to severe health problems.

Riots in Sinakma, Wamena

Sadly, the day after we left Wamena riots broke out. Many shops and houses were burned and 9 people lost their lives. The riots occurred right around two of our teammates’ houses. Praise God, our teammates have many miraculous stories of their homes being preserved and of being kept safe in a very dangerous situation.

Wamena remains tense at this time. Please be praying for peace and justice in Wamena, also for our team (both locals and expats) as they are still in the city navigating this crisis. We have been sharing more details of the crisis in our private Signal Prayer Group. If you would like to join, you can do so here:

Signal Prayer Group

Life in Pictures

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