Tuesday, January 30, 2024

January 2024

Happy New Year

Dear Friends,
I am writing to you on a rainy Sunday morning here in Wamena.  We are grateful for the rain as this fills our water tanks.  I hope that your Christmas was a special time with family and celebrating Jesus’s birth.

The highlight of last year was Eli’s birth.  We travelled to Houston, Texas, USA in February 2023 to stay with Anisha’s family and use the same midwives we used for Rebecca’s birth.  After Eli was born in April my parents were able to visit and meet him.  We will also welcome my parents to Indonesia in February as they fly over here to spend a few weeks with us.

Family update

Helivida 25 Year Anniversary

Helivida team

Helivida has just celebrated 25 years operating in Indonesia.  As part of the celebration, all expat and local workers from all 3 of our bases in Indonesia and their families were flown to Bali.  We spent a week hanging out with each other being refreshed, splashing in the pool, and celebrating what God has done over these years.

Eli got a lot of attention.

Eli got a lot of attention.

New Testament translation finished

In the past when we have shared about the work of what Helimission does we have shown the Awayo video. This gives a good picture of why we do what we do.  If you haven’t seen it, please click the video below.  This month the Moi people celebrated the first translation of the whole New Testament in their own language.  Our co-workers were able to attend the celebration.  23 years ago Helimission flew in missionaries to start the huge task of learning the culture and language of the Moi people.  They presented the Creation to Christ teaching and then started translating the scripture.  Though the Moi tribe has long had an airstrip, it shows the importance of using the helicopter in those first important years for the missionaries and local evangelists getting established before an airstrip can be built.

Maichel – Solo

This week was exciting as we were able to celebrate our second national pilot, Maichel going solo.  I have flown many times with Maichel and seen how the locals in the villages react when they realise he is the pilot.  It is actually a good feeling when I fade to the background as they interact with one of their own people.

Support level progress

Prayer requests

  • Presidential elections in Indonesia being held on Valentines Day

  • Praise – In March we are reaching 10 years of serving here in Indonesia.  We are grateful for the opportunity and privilege to be able to live and serve here.

  • Maichel – As he begins to fly solo for safety and good decision making.

  • Wisdom for our flight operations.

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